Product Care & Use

We want to create staple timeless furniture that will last a lifetime.

To ensure you get to enjoy the most out of your minimal maker piece, please read the following care guide for tips to keep your furniture looking great.

We recommend using coasters for drinks and protective pads under vases where possible to avoid the surface becoming wet.

All of our pieces have been designed for indoor use only and although the protective coat is UV resistant, they have not been tested in any outdoor settings covered and uncovered.


We render our furniture in the highest quality Italian micro cement. Micro cement is a sustainable material due to its VOC free nature. each piece is top coated and sealed with satin resin for added durability, UV ray resistant and non yellowing.


Use a cloth dampened with water and/or a neutral non-foaming detergent. We recommend quickly removing any stains of liquids such as wine, oil or vinegar in order to avoid any deep penetration of surfaces. Please avoid using any abrasive sponges or harsh cleaners as this may damage the finish.


Felt pads on the feet of your piece will protect your floors. When moving your piece, aim to lift it straight up and avoid tilting on to the edges as this may cause damage. We recommend using 2 people to move most of our larger pieces. Our furniture is designed to be placed on a flat and level surface right side up and as such should be securely transported the same way.

Safety Disclaimer

All furniture should be placed on a flat and level surface. 
we do not recommend using our decorative pieces for anything other than their intended purpose. Do not sit or stand on any piece of furniture. Do not place near a heat source. Do not allow the surface to become wet. Take care whilst moving. Do not tilt or tip furniture at any time.